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We offer personalized services to:

  • Researchers who are planning to design a study or need help with analyzing results
  • Academicians who need help with statistical and data analyses, manuscript writing, grant proposal submissions, and more
  • Students who are doing their coursework or need help in any stage of their dissertation
  • Businesses who need help with program evaluations, survey design, and data collection


As an experienced two-person team, we offer highly personalized services to suit any of your project needs. We have specific expertise in:

Statistical methods

We have over 20 years of expertise in statistical analysis.

Academia and research

We have experience in academia in social + behavioral sciences, which means we can understand your research goals better and choose the most appropriate statistical techniques

Grant-funding agencies

We can help with grant proposal submission and data analyses, based on our extensive experience with grant-funding agencies.


We have consulted business on small and large project and can help you with your needs.


Behavioral & Social Sciences

We have extensive experience in statistical consulting for behavioral and social science projects covering a range of educational, psychological, public health, and information technology topics, including but not limited to evaluation of new educational curricula, student outcomes, and assessing contribution of technology to learning and behavior.

Medical Fields

We have extensive experience in statistical analyses in the medical fields, particularly for basic, clinical, and epidemiologic research studies. We are conducting quantitative analyses of clinical trial data and the data from biological samples and assessing and evaluating responses to different medical treatments.

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Our headquarters are in Virgina, USA.

We offer services to clients across the US and internationally.


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